November 12

Year 10bre3- Religion and Authority- Presentations

By next lesson you will be presenting on the topics assigned to you below.

Your presentation must be: (Due in for Wednesday the 18th of November!)

  • 5 minutes long
  • Both must present
  • Must include a form of evidence- religious scriptures/teaching/facts- Ao2
  • You must prepare a handout and add to the Padlet below-Ao1 and Ao2
  • You can use PowerPoint- but a presentation is not needed

presentation lesson 1


Eden and Hans- Human Rights

Nadia and Rosie- Campaigners

Tallia and Tom- Purpose of Punishment

Abdul and Rani- Christians and Justice

Izzie and Aiden- Bible and Christian Teachings

Tom and Aneesa- Bible and Authority

Amena and Jack- Quran and Authority

Abida and Sanna- Human Rights- Muslim Views

Ishmam and Georgina- Human Rights

Marley and Sandra- Campaigners

Jess and Lewis- Purpose of Punishment


Add your handouts below.

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